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We've had two significant invasions of carpenter ants to deal with in the 22 years of residing in our house.

The first occurred shortly after we moved in. Our home was integrated in 1951 and beings in a semi-rural neighborhood with great deals of trees, plant life and wetness due to a yard lake. Needless to say, it is the best environment for animals of all kinds including carpenter ants.

The first problem had me calling the pest control company in a hurry. Carpenter ants are huge and really frightening looking as you can see from the picture above. They really don't even bite and you can select them up with your fingers and throw them in the toilet or flush down the drain with no problem. At the time, however, I didn't understand any of this, so seeing dozens of large, red ants playing around my then retro style 1970's orange and yellow kitchen area was not a quite sight.

I got the phone and called pest control and after a couple toxic sprayings around our home, yard then in our attic throughout a week or 2, the carpenter ants were gone.

Our 2nd invasion of carpenter ants occurred simply a couple of weeks back, and this time, I handled it very differently.

Having the understanding and wisdom of 20 years of green living behind me, I was figured out and extremely positive I could solve this infestation with zero pesticides and no call to pest control.

My youngest was specifically gone nuts by the enormous size of the carpenter ants even after I explained that they don't bite and got one in my fingers to show her. Regrettably, my little pep talk and presentation didn't do much to alleviate her fears of these frightening, twitching animals.

The carpenter ants were swarming in our kitchen and bathrooms and after beginning with just a couple of occasionally, throughout a week they came in by the lots over night while we slept producing a really scary turning on of the lights in the early morning, if you understand what I indicate. We spent the first 15 minutes of the early morning vacuuming them up before we could even begin with breakfast!

After seeing and observing their patterns over the course of a day or more, I figured out that their primary mode of entrance into our house seemed the drain of the dishwashing machine.

Knowing where the carpenter ants are getting into your house is an useful piece of details, but not totally needed if you wish to remove them yourself via nontoxic measures.

In our case, the dishwashing machine drain appeared a likely ground zero, so I mixed up my carpenter ant killer ambrosia and set the bait.
Nontoxic Carpenter Ant Bait

My one cup of bait consisted of the following all which expense less than $1:
  • 1/3 cup of powdered white sugar
  • 2/3 cup boric acid

That's it!

When I took our container of boric acid out of the garage utility cabinet, it consisted of a bunch of solidified chunks that needed to be pounded out as I hadn't utilized it in a long time. So, I got my mortar and pestle and pounded out a few big chunks to re-powderize and after that measured it into a small ziplock bag that contained the proper amount of powdered sugar.

Boric acid is a colorless white powder that is a mild antibacterial, however definitely not an issue to the health of your family even if you touch it with ungloved hands. It is discovered in nature in some volcanic environments near Tuscany and Nevada. Boric acid and its salts are discovered in seawater and plants consisting of almost all fruits.

Obviously, you need to keep it far from kids as it is toxic if consumed or inhaled in big amounts, but it is probably the least poisonous type of insect bait you can use around your home with the exception of diatomaceous earth, which regrettably does not work too or as quickly for big ants where I live.

I placed a couple of tablespoons of the carpenter ant bait in the lid of an empty jar I was going to recycle, and positioned inside the dishwashing machine on the bottom near the drain right before going to sleep. Before I did this, however, I bewared to run a load of meals and empty everything out so the dishwashing machine was entirely devoid of any plates, glasses or utensils.
A Happy Ending to our Carpenter Ant Infestation.

The next morning we were delighted to see that there were no carpenter ants playing around the cooking area! When I opened the dishwashing machine to have a peek, they were swarming around the bait however were absolutely confined to that area.

I gently closed the door of the dishwasher and left the ants there, gladly eating away at the bait they would take back to their nest to kill the entire nest.

It took a few days, however gradually, the carpenter ants swarming inside the dishwasher totally disappeared with nary a roaming one left!

When I needed to run the dishwasher in the interim, I simply got rid of the container of bait, ran a load, emptied the tidy meals, then changed the bait near the dishwasher drain.

Easy, reliable, nontoxic, and most importantly, inexpensive without any call to pest control to come and spray who-knows-what hormone interfering with, carcinogenic chemicals around your home for your household to breath and absorb!

Working with a Pest Control Company to Remove Bed Bugs

Due to the fact that bed bugs are hard to control, it is extremely crucial to discover a pest control company that can demonstrate great results in eliminating these kinds of pests. With this in mind do not work with a business based upon price alone, and select one with the experience of removing the exact type of pest that you're having problems with. Make sure the company is certified to do the job right the very first time, and you will avoid headaches and more cost later. Speak with the business before hiring them Ask if the business is certified by the Structural Pest Control Board. Do not work with an unlicensed business.

Request for the business's license number and check this website: Request for referrals for other effective bed bug jobs. Get names and telephone numbers and call to see how the business performed. Ask if the company is accredited in integrated pest management (IPM). Presently there are 2 independent, 3rd party accreditation programs: EcoWise Certified and Green Shield Certified. There is likewise one pest control market accreditation program called GreenPro. Being licensed is an included plus but not a requirement to ensure good work. Ask how the company approaches the issue of bed bugs.

A reliable pest control company should:
  • demand examining prior to pricing quote a final rate
  • offer a written examination report together with an action strategy
  • provide a composed report of repair works that are needed
  • rate a job according to examination findings and not merely charge a flat fee
  • suggest and make duplicated visits up until the problem is solved
  • inform the property owner or structure occupants on ways to try to find, prevent and prevent bed bugs
  • use an integrated pest management (IPM) method for bed bugs that could consist of: - education - vacuuming - cleansing and clutter control - steam cleansing - treatment with heat - sensible use of pesticide sprays and dusts
  • Keep in mind that a good business will ask about whether animals or children are present and handle making use of pesticides appropriately
  • offer regular training to their employees on the control of bed bugs
  • supply educational materials for their customers
  • work with you till the problem is fixed
  • encourage alerting nearby houses about the issue
  • encourage assessment of nearby homes
Understand the treatment procedures, pricing, and responsibilities

The company ought to supply you with details on the types of bed bug services they offer. Make certain you understand and settle on a treatment plan and pricing structure. Bed bugs can be pricey to manage and the most inexpensive services are rarely the very best. Make sure you comprehend exactly what the business will be responsible for and exactly what you will be responsible for.

Bed bugs can not be managed without cooperation amongst the pest control experts, the property owner and the occupant. The business must supply you with written details on what to anticipate and what you will need to do before, during and after the service. If you can, walk around your home with the pest control professional throughout each see and track exactly what is being done. Ask questions if you do not understand.

Do your part and act on the pest control business's suggestions. We are not aware of any miracle, overnight options to bed bug problems. If the business promises this, they are probably not a company that you should considering.

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